Can Anyone……?????

After twenty something years teaching and consulting with business professionals and everyday people, I hear the same questions again and again.  They are asked by clients, strangers, business professionals, pet with pets, people who hear me speak at a   professional organization meeting

It is mainly adults, those people old enough to buy liquor and old enough to vote, who ask the questions.  No, it is not the pimply or gawky or idealistic teenagers who want to know.  No, it is not children who will in a few short blink of the eyelids be entering high school and will experience changing hormones. No not they who live in bodies that are strangers to them.  No, again, it is not the little ones who hug stuff animals close to them at night or walk on public streets with these best friends who don’t breathe or talk back, but are trusted confidants nonetheless.  Nor do the pets who share their affections and companionship with their two legged friends ask “those” questions.”  No, these are the ones who seem to implicitly understand that intuition, the gift of insight, is a birthright.  It is in our cells and not to long after we come into the world, it is operating at full capacity to help us survive  in the world.

Think about it,  Wee little beings rely on gut instincts to provide information about who is safe and trustworthy.  Little ones are dependent upon others for their very survival.  It is my belief that our senses rise to the occasion to protect us and oversee our care.  This process is done automatically without conscious efforts.  Newborns don’t say “okay intuition, tell me what do?  Let me know who I can trust to take care of my basic needs.”  Intuition is working full time because it recognizes that it is important and needed.

Unlike animals  who rely and utilize their instincts throughout their lifetime, humans often unconsciously abandon this beloved friend and ally.  No, it isn’t something we decide to stop using.  No, it usually is a more subtle process that begins as we age and live in a society that prefers “the facts.”  Sometimes, people feel pressured to throw out their instincts in order to provide others with concrete explanations rather than ones that are based on seemingly nebulous feelings and thoughts.  Sometimes people are afraid of negative responses from others if it is revealed that intuition is part of the decision-making process.

Times are changing and more and more intuition is receiving the recognition that it deserves.  Still many don’t trust.  Still many are embarrassed to let others know that they do a gut check before making an important business or personal decision.  It is getting easier to actively and openly develop and utilize one’s inner wisdom.

Yet, I am still asked the question.  Depending upon how ti is positioned, it comes from the same curiosity and longing to take advantage of this innate gift.  Sometimes people who don’t quite know what to ask or even what to say  manage to blurt out “Can any one do It?”  The question REALLY is can anyone learn to use their intuition?   I guess if one has to ask, it still is an enigma which is the truth of the matter.  Actually, someone once described intuition as “a feeling or a thought but there did it come from?”

I m hoping that in twenty years, fewer people ask the question.  In its place, the question will be replaced with anecdotes about giving intuition credit for what it is-an invaluable ally, a true friend.  Don’t leave home without it.

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