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        an inner knowing

    Intuition is a way of knowing without being given verbal information. It is a way of knowing without knowing the facts. It is a way of knowing that comes from feeling. When a person says they have a “gut feeling” about something, they are usually referring to their intuition. It is the intelligence behind feeling. It is an ordinary ability we all have but one that frequently gets lost due to lack of use and the over use of rationality which we have in our society at this time.
    In order to be in touch with it we need to be in touch with our feelings. It is felt. “Move away from this person”, our intuition will tell us. “Do not get on that plane” it will say. (I recently read that more people cancel their flights on planes that end in disaster than on any other!)

    Unfortunately we live in a society which does not value intuition. We do not give our children instruction on how they can listen to themselves and get the answer that is right for them. When we do find ourselves feeling something is wrong we are often confused as to whether we should trust our feelings or not.

    The more we are in contact with our inner feeling self, the more we will be in touch with it. Sometimes it is difficult to be sure whether it is our intuition speaking to us or simply anxiety. Other times it is absolutely obvious that it is intuition. It is obviously intuition when it is a feeling. Risk checking this out for yourself. You will soon know how reliable yours is. When having an emotional reaction however, particularly fear it can be difficult to know whether it is intuition or whether it is simply anxiety.

    This difficulty comes about because feelings and emotionsare not the same thing. Our feelings are felt in our entire body, they are genuine, real and trustworthy. They are out greatest friend, warning us of dangers and leading us towards fulfilment. Emotions on the other hand are our reactions to what is happening. They too are very important to us. If we want our communications with people to be open and clear then we need to be actively in touch with our emotions as well.The problem with emotions is that frequently we carry around a large bag of memories and dumped emotions from past situations where we have been unable to effectively express our self. When we come up against a situation which has even the vaguest resemblance, we can react “as if” it was the previous situation. It is very important therefore to clear outstanding issues, so that what we are dealing with is the present one. Without doing this, it is possible to deceive yourself that your intuition is telling you something about someone, which absolutely does not belong to them at all!

    It does appear that we may inherently differ to the degree that we experience feelings and emotions. Astrology seems to suggest this. My astrological chart, for instance, describes me as a psychic sponge, picking up all the feelings which are going around and I must say this fits in with my experience of myself. I am not alone. Many people find that they pick up on other people’s feelings in an undifferentiated way. This is not a pleasant experience at all and can lead to the person feeling completely drained and unsure what feelings belong to them and what to others.

    The solution however, whether our problem is that we find it difficult to be in touch with our own feelings or we find ourselves picking up all the feelings which are going around is the same. Being in touch with our inner feeling self and if necessary working through past memories will solve the situation. If you are aware of what you yourself feel and you feel another feeling coming from somewhere else, you know it belongs to them and not to you.

    Intuition is an inner knowing. It is an inner resource. It is a healthy, clear, intelligent, felt sense of knowing which is available to us all. In order to be in touch with it in a grounded way we need to learn to be open to ourselves and to trust ourselves. We need to be able to clear away garbage which we have carried from past hurts which stops us from being able to respond appropriately to the present situation. Everything on this site is geared to helping a person be in touch with their inner resources and therefore their intuition.

    Meditation can calm the mind and bring you more in touch with the now and your inner feeling self.

    Good counselling can provide a place to both deal with issues from the past or present which trouble you and also provide a place for you to re-assess yourself and gain access to inner resources you might not even have known you had.

    Focusing is a method to help you be in touch with your body’s felt sense and find answers which are right for you. It can work alongside therapy or on its own. It is something you can teach yourself to do or do with others.

    Because feelings are so connected to intuition check out ourFeelings and emotions page.Intuition is one of the greatest benefits which we receive when we get back in touch with our own inner resources and autonomy.



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