Can the mystery be solved with intuition, or did something else cause the cat’s death?

I am writing about a true story, because it is a reminder how some things while seemingly unreal cannot be answered.

Recently, a friend telephoned me to tell me what happened to her friends’ two cats.   I was away from my phone and did not hear it ring.  She left a messaged. This is the story.    Her friend had three nineteen-and-a-half-year-old female cats.   Two were very bonded sisters.  One of the siblings had been sick and was not expected to live long.   The morning my friend called; the declining cat passed away.

That wasn’t the story that my friend wanted to share.   My friend’s friend decided to allow the two other cats into the room where the deceased cat lay.  The sibling went up to her dead sister, sniffed her, and then lay beside her.  The woman left the room to give the sisters some time alone.

The woman returned several hours later and discovered that the sister was still lying next to her sibling dead.   Now there were two

My friend called me to ask me how this could be.  The cats had not been outside where they could have eaten something poisonous and there had been no other person in the house who could have harmed them.  Then it occurred to me that animals can exit this world, after losing a loved human or animal whom they are bonded with, because they do not want to be in the world without the loved one.

I saw this for the first time when a vet called me to say that her cat had disappeared.  She brought the animal home to live in her house because its two humans, a couple, died within a few months of each other.  The cat had been the wife’ s companion until she passed away. The husband cared for the cat, not out of love but out of respect for his wife.  When he became ill and grumpy, he was known to have kicked the cat off the bed so he could be left alone and rest/sleep.  As he became weaker and weaker, it was clear that his end was near, and he asked his sister to take care of the cat.  She reluctantly agreed to do so.  (The cat was in the room when the question was posed to the sister.  Whether or not the cat understood that she would soon be in the care of yet another human who did not want to take care of her, is not and cannot be known.).  Somehow, the vet heard the story and took the cat home with her.  She had other animals including dogs, cats and horses.  The first day she brought the cat home, it escaped through an open garaged door, and was never seen again until four months later in the spring when its body was discovered.

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