What Happens When You Don’t Have The Answers?

What Happens When You Don’t Have The Answers?

Even with the internet’s innumerable research possibilities, one’s knowledge, contacts, and other resources, we may still not access all the pertinent information to make good decisions.   We may not have all the facts!  Therefore, it is arguably important to understand the inner workings of your own selection process.

How much do you know and understand about your own decision-making process? 

Consider asking yourself the following questions:

Are you someone who feels uneasy and anxious, when you don’t know something, and have no way to access the information?

Are you someone who will go to any lengths (including investing time and money) to obtain an answer?

Are you uncomfortable when you tell someone you don’t know the answer?

Do you experience discomfort when you don’t know the answer/information?

Do you know when to surrender searching for answers/information?

Do you practice reducing your anxiety to obtain peace when you cannot obtain information?

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions?

What is wrong with not knowing?

What does it mean to you not to know

What does it mean to not be sure?

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