Develop Your Intuition Skills!!

Develop Your Intuition Skills!!

It is indisputable that we all have intuition.  How people define and describe the inner voice varies with some calling this inner knowing; a hunch, gut feeling; common sense; logic; obvious; and a few more names.   Although Intuition is called by various names (hunch; gut feeling; inner knowing; instincts; inner guidance; common sense; sixth sense; inner voice; logical and more) talking about it, giving it a description, a voice is not without challenges.  People use this innate tool that can’t be seen and often difficult to explain.  Quite honestly, there are no or few ways to prove a hunch, a feeling, an idea.  Think about it.  Have you ever been in this position, or know someone who has?  You are a manager and you and among other things, it is your job to hire staff.  You have a one final candidate that you are consider hiring.  The candidate’s references and job experiences are glowing.  You feel pressure to quickly hire new staff, because your company is understaffed.  You have doubt, and are uneasy about hiring the candidate, even though said nothing has been said to give credence to your doubt.

Idea Pops Into Your Head

Here is another example.  You have a deadline.   An idea pops into your mind to go to a nearby store, because there is a sale in a nearby store.  There is no rational explaining the idea in your mind.  If asked for proof, for logic, there is none except that you perhaps trust that the message be significant.  Knowing that you have a deadline, you decide to go to the store anyway.  You go to the store, and sure enough you find some of your favorite organic chicken and grass feed beef on sale.  You purchase the sales, return home and complete your project in time to meet your deadline.

Develop Your Skills

Because putting words to your gut feelings is not always easy for you and for others to understand, it might be difficult for you to trust yourself with the unseen world of the sixth sense.  If you would like some coaching to help, develop your confidence and trust in improving your decision-making skills by using both intuition and logic, please contact me.  I am also available for speaking engagements online or at your location.  Please contact me at 503-221-2123 or 503-804-9747 or email [email protected]

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