Chocolate and Ice Cream Makes Traffic School A Little Sweeter!

Perhaps it would be a little more accurate to say this was a great idea. It is a business that no longer in existence.  Yes Robin Rose Ice Cream store in Venice, California seems to be CLOSED.  The telephone number is disconnected and the Yelp listing  on the internet says CLOSED.   It was a great idea, worth mentioning.   For ice cream and chocolate lovers. including those who are secret fans and sinners as well, this might catch anyone’s eyes and ears.

Imagine that you GOT caught driving in violation of California driving laws.  Traffic school was where you had to go.  How many schools serve chocolate and ice cream to violators?  In the beginning they had an all you can eat policy, ice cream that is . According to owner Robin “That literally took the profit out of the traffic school business.”  That would NOT be surprising to ice cream and chocolate lovers.  The policy was  QUICKLY changed to one scoop per person.

With the increasing price of milk products and chocolate, how likely is it that another ice cream store or company will be offering chocolates and ice cream to traffic violators?  If someone does, no doubt someone will hear about it and let the public know.  It is too good a story to go to waste.





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