In My Dreams!!!

Dreams, Dreams Dreams…who doesn’t love a good dream? Who may not think about a bad dream? Dreams are powerful. They can make us reflect, smile, worry, cry, and put us into a variety of emotional states. Musicians sing about dreams. Writers put lyrics to the word. Psychologists and psychiatrists analyze the patients’ dreams and so do the patients. Some of us give the images and messages attention, looking for clues, sometimes coming up clueless. People share their dreams with selected friends.

The Strangest Dream I Ever Had

One woman was taking pain medication for a broken hip recalled, “ having the strangest dreams.” She dreamt about her departed sister and brother-in-law. They were flying around her. A friend shared that she continually has these dreams that seem like nightmares to her. She is expecting dinner guests and is never ready when arrive, because she burns the food, doesn’t have all the cooking ingredients, or can’t find silverware or pans to use for cooking. (I don’t have dreams about guests, but for years have had dreams about not be ready to take an exam. I usually wake up feeling the adrenaline and am relieved to wake up and know that it was JUST a dream.)

Someone else could never remember her dreams and it worried her that there was some reason why she had no memory of them. On the other end of the spectrum, I know people who remember their dreams in vivid details, recalling who visited, what type and color clothes, locations, conversations and more.

Norwegian Will Repair Bicycle?

A dream last week made me laugh. Some of it made sense to me. Isn’t that the way of the “dream” material? In this particular dream I needed to have my bicycle repaired. A Norwegian man appeared and let me know in English that he could help me fix my bike. He soon disappeared. I began walking with my bicycle across a college campus grassy area. Suddenly an American appeared telling me that he could not only repair my mode of transportation but he also spoke Norwegian. “Really” I said not really believing him. He too disappeared, and I walked back through the to my home. This time I was surrounded by college protesters who seemed not to even notice me. I contacted my mother (have no idea how the contact was made) and said “Can you believe that I met two people who spoke Norwegian today? What is the likelihood of meeting two in one day?” There are bits of the dream that I can relate to. I love bike riding and am looking for someone who can speak Norwegian with me. I would prefer it be someone from Norway and not a Norwegian American. That is right. Who am I to be so particular? If I met two people in one day that spoke THAT language, I would be pleasantly shocked. And the part of the dream that took place on a college campus makes sense to me. I love college campuses and yes, I have gone to numerous college campus protests.

Does this all mean that I will get a new bike and it will breakdown? Will someone from Norway or someone who has lived there help me get the bike repaired? Dream on???!!!


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