Acupuncture is getting more popular, more mainstream. More people are seeking out treatments for all kinds of reasons. Some people can’t stand the very idea of needles being stuck in them. My cousin, for example, takes prescription medicine when told to do so. She does this without hesitation or concerns about side effects. Yet, the very mention of acupuncture makes her cringe. It is the anticipation of needles being put into her body. It is an unimaginable thing for her to do.

Health Benefits Make It Worthwhile!

She is not alone. Others sicken at the very thought, squirm at the prospect, and close their ears to the benefit of this ancient healing art. It is a wonder that I am not one of these, because the treatments are so painful. I have unintentionally kicked practitioners of this fine healing art form. I have said “ouch” more times than I can count. People placing the needles, even thin ones (the nice needles) in me have witnessed me react and count my breaths, taking deep breaths hoping to relax enough to not feel the sting of the needles. I tolerate the discomfort because the treatments work and, because calm and peace soon follow. That is the reward I wait for and anticipate. The health benefits make all this worthwhile, just not at the time that I am reacting!

Stronger Treatments in China

Acupuncturists and students of acupuncture have told me that I am sensitive and brave. More than one person has tried to reassure me or inform me that there are people out in the real world who have a more difficult time than I have. One acupuncturist informed that a family member of hers complains about the needles hurting BEFORE she has even inserted them! Gratitude is what I have been told to feel because the treatments in China are stronger there.   (Okay, so when in China, don’t get acupuncture if you are sensitive to the needles.) None of tales make the treatments easier.  I understand and have even met a few human beings who sleep through treatments, and some who do not react at all. Oh how I wish that I could one day look forward to that!

A couple of days ago an acupuncturist had a most interesting comment. “Perhaps you have trouble because it is not in your blood.” Clarification was needed. “You mean because my ancestors never had acupuncture, it is not in my body?” Yes she nodded.

Boy do I wish that someone way back had taken a trip to China and had at least one treatment!



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