Cooking In The Kitchen-Allow Your Intuition to Speak Loudly.

For various reasons, many people create their own recipes or follow ones that they have, see online, read and more.  Some do it because they have food restrictions.  Some create to save money.  Some cook in the kitchen, because it is easier to know exactly what is in the food that is eaten.  Some people  cook for more than one reason.

Whatever reason you have for cooking your own food, please allow your inner compass to help you.  The “information” might show up as an idea.  You might notice that your eyes focusing on spices and seasonings.  What do they have to say to you?  It might be a thought that “pops” into your heard.  Maybe you find yourself searching on Google to learn more about the property of herbs, spices, sweeteners, etc.

Recognize that you are making decisions as you measure ingredients, choose products, mix the concoction and more.  Your sixth sense is always there for you, even in the kitchen.

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