The experiences Of  Children Who Know

The experiences Of Children Who Know

Kids know.  In fact sometimes they know more than we realize or understand.  I have heard countless stories from adults and parents about what is sometimes called wisdom or the intelligence of children.  It almost always includes their inner knowing.

I clearly remember a woman telling me a story about how as a young child she got into trouble at a family event for sharing her insights.  She stood between her father and her uncle and announced “that man is having an affair with that woman.”  She was too young to know what those words meant, but she knew that she displeased her father and uncle.  She was punished for what she said out loud.  (She never told me how she paid for what she said.)  She learned much later that she was  indeed right!  When asked how she could have possibly known, she had no insight or memory of that might explain!

A twelve year old boy shared how he knew things about people and situations, and he understood that this was information came from some source that he accessed.  He just knew and accepted it without questioning.  Only his mother knew about his experiences.    She was quite accepting and encouraged him to continue sharing his experience with him.  He feared that other people would ridicule him. 


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