Decision Making Part 2

We use both logic and intuition to make our choices.

Understanding the factors that influence your decision-making process is a great asset.  Here are some questions to assist you attain a greater knowledge about your own thinking:

Am I influenced by what others think of me?  How does this impact my choices?

Am I attached to an outcome?

Are personal or business decisions easier for me to make and why?

Do I fear the disapproval and/or the disappointment of others?

Do I procrastinate making decisions when I am uncomfortable or unsure of myself?

Do I fear making a wrong decision that I cannot corrected?

Do I distract myself to avoid making choices?

Do some decisions cause more anxiety than others?

Do I use tools/ techniques to clear my mind of opinions and expectations?

What time of day is optimum for me to make decisions?

Who am I most afraid of disappointing?

Know your personal shortcomings.  Ask yourself:

Do I jump to conclusions?

Do I assume I know something when I don’t?

Do I overidentify with a person or situation which may influence my objectivity?

Do my dislikes and prejudices influence my decision-making process?

Do I fear conflict?

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