It Happened Again!

The first event happened ten days ago while I was driving home after my dental appointment.  I couldn’t wait to get home to make a tasty dinner and was thinking about cooking mushrooms and vegetables when I noticed a store called Everyday Deals.  What was this?  I had never heard of it and thought about turning around and stopping in to look.  Another day, another time would be better, knowing that I am not often in this part of Portland so it wasn’t likely that there would indeed be another time.  I continued driving a few more blocks when a quiet inner voice told me to drive back to the store and check it out.  My resistance prevailed, and I continued driving until I got the same idea in my head to investigate.  So, I drove back, and purchased some inexpensive dry packaged foods that were not filled with wheat, dairy and sugar and could be eaten when I visited people who did not have similar dietary habits.

A week later the “food guidance” happened again.  This time, my intuition presented an idea that popped into my mind suggested that I walk the five minutes to a nearby Grocery Outlet store and buy discounted organic chicken.  It was a Sunday evening near dinner time, and I decided to investigate.  Sure enough, my favorite organic chicken legs and one-pound packages of grass feed beef were on sale. 

A few days later at almost the identical time  “intuitive beckoning” to Grocery Outlet happened.  I was once again being given an assignment.  Really, could I get lucky and find organic chicken discounted a second time? This time, I resisted convincing myself that I had too much to do that evening.    I was about to lengthen my list of excuses when I decided to just to go and investigate.  I had nothing to lose except 10-15 minutes.  So, I went.  The meat shelf looked empty.  As I walked closer to inspect it, there were indeed packages of both organic chicken legs and chicken breasts that discounted! Victory once again!

I was not finished with my food success stories that evening.  As I was about to pay for the meats, I asked a store manager if by any chance the store carried jars of ghee (clarified butter). “If we have any, it will be on aisle six” she said.  There down aisle six on the top right side of the shelf were many jars of ghee!!

Although these were all wins and fun, had they been callings to go to places miles away, I might not have investigated the calling.  I am grateful that the beckoning was convenient.

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