Dog and Cat Lovers Come Out In The Rain

It was a very cold rain Northwest day that would have been great to sit home and sit hot tea, coffee or other beverage.  The last thing that most people want to do on such a cold unpleasant day is to leave their home.  All eight people who signed up for a pet consultation with me today at Howl-At-The -Moon in Vancouver, Washington showed up!  In fact , half of them were early for their appointment and one person who had not signed up for a session decided that she wanted to talk with me about pets and human (personal) questions.

If the rain bothered people , no one in the story whom I spoked with complained-much.  There was nothing unusual about the sessions today, nothing that really stood out from other events except for the good cheer in the store.  Howl-At-The-Moon was having its holiday celebration and provided hot cider and cookies which store customers enjoyed while looking at all the edible and not edible items in the store.

Some beings know just know how beautiful they are!


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