Raising Kids In A Pet Store?!!

How would you feel if your walked into a pet store and were greeted by an adorable human brother and sister team who enthusiastically greeted you at the door or in an aisle while you were looking for canned dog food or a cushy bed for your queen cat?  Healthy Pets in West Linn, Oregon have such sightings all the time.  I have been in the store to offer my animal communication consultations and have witnessed the smile on the faces of customers as they engage with these two young ones.

In a year or two, these little beings will be in school somewhere and the customers will surely notice their absence.  The owners may have mixed feelings as they miss the kids and at the same time be able to focus a little more on their clients. (Don’t misunderstand.  They give really good customer service now.)  And the two little humans who brought so much joy and smiles to the faces who walked into the store to purchase goods.  Yes, what about them?  Will they have an easier time with people because of their experience?   Will their social skills be superior to their peers?  Will they love animals more than their peers?   It is too early to answer this yet. Surely, they will be shaped at least a little by the time that they spent within the walls of the store.

Cheers Everyone!
Hot dog anyone?





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