Paws Turn Door Knob

I hear all kinds of stories from people about their pets.  I never grow tired of these stories even if I have heard them over and over.  Perhaps it is the joy with which the stories are told. People who love their pets seldom grow tired of telling their stories.  It is particularly fun to listen to people who don’t usually become animated tell their pet tales.

Today I was talking to one such gentleman. This man fixes things and just about anything. He is in his early seventies and has been welding, sawing, hammering and removing and replacing parts of all kinds since he was about seven years old.   Even at a young age he pulled stuff apart and then found a way to put it back together.

Today he and I talked about the neighborhood gopher problem. He laughed as he told stories about how gophers outsmart the neighbors. “They are really smart” he said.  And then he immediately started talking about his fearless cat who would take swings at the neighborhood dogs who got a little too close to him. This cat figured out how to open up the front screen door and get outside.  Once outside he quickly learned that he  had to make sound  to get back inside the house.  No amount of throwing his weight at the screen door or reaching for the door knob would open the damn front door!  The man who lived with this intelligent cat laughed and laughed.  It is hard to say who whose paw enjoyed opening the door most. For sure, I can say that I loved hearing the story and the laughter.

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