Doing Business Without Using Intuition? Reconsider!

I am seldom asked about the importance intuition plays in today’s marketplace. Perhaps it is obvious.  Most decision-making, or perhaps the best decision-making, involves using  one’s rational and intuitive “data.”  Intuition has become more popular.  In this busy and every changing world, more and more value is given to this powerful life and workplace tool/skill. Sadly, too often there is not enough time to gather all necessary data before making a decision forcing people to engage their inner intelligence to make profitable and practical choices.

No one wants to make faulty decisions because the consequences can be enormous and sometimes irreparable.  Stop and consider how you have professionally paid a high price for something that didn’t work out.  Making wrong decisions can sometimes costing many thousands of dollars and sometimes even more.  One client continually hired new employees who were not a good match for her company.  She claimed every hiring mistake  she made, cost thousands of dollars, when she estimated the cost  and time it took to train a new employee.  Labeling  packaging errors that result in having to purchase  and or design new labels for products can be ferociously expensive. One restaurant owner sold his restaurant because sales were down due to poor decision-making choices that a manager (his nephew) made.

Tips For Those With Too Little Time

  • Take a minute to slow down and ask yourself what is in the best interest of your company.
  • Dialogue with your inner guidance.  Ask it what it knows.
  • If you are uneasy with your decisions, ask yourself why.  Good decision-making creates a peaceful feeling.  Keep asking questions until you feel relaxed.
  • If you feel pressured to make a choice you aren’t ready to make, take more time or ask someone for help, preferable, someone who has insight into your situation.
  • Go out in nature.  Your inner voice rejuvenates and rejoices in the woods.



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