Following the message saves money.  Oatmeal was the subject!!

Following the message saves money. Oatmeal was the subject!!

This is true.  It really did happen this morning.   I badly wanted a cup of my dark roasted coffee that I special order from Just Coffee in Madison, Wisconsin.  (I am partial to supporting small companies and I make special efforts to endorse Wisconsin businesses.  I went to school in the state and have wonderful memories of cold winters, beautiful falls, and more types of cheese and potatoes than I knew ever existed.)  I have found nothing better and I have tried many different kinds of coffee in numerous states always looking for something in more excellent than Just Coffee.  Have discovered nothing better and gave up looking a long time ago.   Yes, I am a coffee snob or perhaps I simply enjoy high quality coffee.  I

It is not good to drink hot coffee on an empty stomach.  Caffeine needs to land in one’s stomach some food, not on an empty stomach, first for a number of reasons that don’t add to the story.  So, none will be explained.  There was some oats in a bag in the refrigerator that cooked be quickly cooked.   Out came the bag.  Next, I grabbed a small stainless steel pan to cook the oats.  Suddenly without warning a thought came into my head that directed me to call People’s Food Coop, (Portland, Oregon) which I belong to, because it might have a good price on oats.  Yeah, right I thought.  Yes, a few times a year they have special on organic oats, which is significantly less than the usual $1.29-$1.49 a pound that can be found in other stores.  Why should it be on sale now, this week?

25-Pound Bag in Freezer

Ok ok.  So, I am going to stop right now when I have more things to do than I have written down and call about saving a few dollars on oatmeal?  My next visual was the deciding factor.  In my mind’s eye, I saw a 25-pound bag of oats being stored in the freezer.

So I did what I really didn’t have time to do and make the call.  An employee picked up the phone and told me  “No we don’t have a sale on rolled oats right now.”  When I asked him when they might have a sale, he told me that

‘They” (the store employees) don’t know ahead of time.   I believed him.  I have heard this before.  So, I asked him what is the cost of rolled oats.  He quickly said “about $1.49.” I asked why oats have become so expensive.  His one word answer was “inflation.”

“Just One Second”

I accepted his answer and was about to thank him for his time and hang up.  “Just one second” he said.  “Let me check.”  He did and he reported  “$.99 a pound.”  He ordered a 25-pound bag for me.

Now it isn’t the savings that makes this story interesting.  It is the journey.  I followed the thought in my head much like our canine and feline friends follow the trail, the sound, and the smell.  They don’t question their investigations and maybe we who stand on two legs shouldn’t either!


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