Good Time Of the Year To Help Others!

img_2792You don’t have t  look very far for opportunities to help other human beings.  Canned and dried food collections barrels, bags are easy to find.  Local radio and television station are in on the help the less fortunate efforts as well.  Listing of drop off places are announced and placed on media websites.  In some cities, even the mail carriers pick up donations.

If this is something that you and /or people you know do, then you are probable  aware of the good things that happen.  There is a sense of camaraderie as well one might expect. People have gathered with one goal in mind, taking care of people who need. Whatever their troubles and challenges are, these are placed aside for a few hours.  There are some things that people get receive for giving of their time and energy that may not be apparent.  One is that some parents bring children with them to help  out with the volunteering so that they too can learn  to give and to help others.  The second “goodie” or “take away” is experiencing people who may not know each other being so respectful of one another.  The third is great conversations that happen between strangers.

Perhaps none of this is really surprising as doing for others brings out the best in most of us.  Find your opportunities!

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