Gut Instincts Play A Role In Food Choices

If you are tuned in to your inner world and are accustomed to dialoguing with your inner guidance, food and intuition make sense, logical and practical sense.  If you don’t consider your sixth sense a companion whom you can correspond with, this may seem like a bit of a stretch or an impossibility.   Whatever  your believe system is comfortable with, try this notion on for your consideration.   Intuition and food choices, purchases and consumption are companions and have a familiarity with one another, a camaraderie that sometimes goes unnoticed.

Food Instincts and Animals

Animals are sometimes better at allowing their instincts to guide their food choices.  Perhaps you have experienced this with your furry and feathery companions when they refuse to eat certain foods.  Perhaps it is canned food that you have been feeding your friend for several days.  The boycott begins.  It is difficult not to notice it isn’t it.  The animal goes up to its food dish and stares and sniffs and walks away.  Did you get an evil eye?  Did you get that look that says “Are you kidding?”  Or perhaps you observe your pet not eating for a day and drinking a lot of water?  Perhaps it is the cat who goes outside to eat grass and then throw up that cats your attention.  Or is the blue jay who comes to  your window sill  you every morning  and eats out of your hand who suddenly ignores the peanuts which you later discover by tasting them yourself that they are  indeed stale.

Totally Mesmerized

Have you found yourself staring at a food product , a supplement in a store, in a magazine or newspaper or on online?  You can’t take your eyes off the page, the image, the product.  It has your complete attention.   You are so compelled that you research this thing that has you so totally mesmerized and you discover.   You have been thinking about the product, because someone told you about it.  A healthcare provider told you about it.  A physician suggested that you take it.  You read something somewhere about it, and you told yourself at the time that you would remember to research it because it might be good for you to take but life happened and you didn’t.  You happened to turn the television channel because you were bored or you turned it on watch a show, and just happened to learn about this product that you or most people are in need of because  stress, poor diets, depleted systems, etc.  The scenarios continue.

Gut Instincts Guiding You

Do you think is it just a possibility that your intuition, your dear sixth sense is looking out for you is guiding you to be like your pet friend to do something for your body that it needs.  After all, if your your gut instincts tell you to call someone, don’t drive too fast, read a book that falls off the shelf why can’t it direct you something that your body needs?



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