He Meditated And Told His….

This true story just happened a few days ago.  The following narrative is being told to protect the name of and location of  The Man I will call Scott.   Toward the end of last week I checked my email and was pleasantly surprised to see an email from Scott, whom I have not spoken to in more than a decade .  (I have fond memories of discussions with him.)  His car was stolen  earlier in the week, and he was inquiring whether or not I could assist him in locating it.

Scott was asking me if I could tune in to my intuition to assist him in locating his stolen car.  This was the first request of this kind that I have ever received.  My first reaction to reading the email was uncertainty.  Could I help him locate his car? 

I called him to learn more details.  He parked the car near a neighbor’s house that evening and went home.   The next morning he walked out of his house to get into his car and discovered that it was gone.  He was naturally upset and was irritated with himself for not installing theft prevention devices which he is capable of doing himself.

“Scott go meditate”

I told him that I thought that he would get a call that his car had been located but it wasn’t worth searching for the car.  “Scott, go meditate.  Get quiet and tell your car to make itself known.”  I knew that it sounded crazy but I believed it.   I have witnessed people telepathically  telling lost pets to make themselves seen so that they can be found. Sometime they do and are located.  Sometimes they come home on their own.  I have worked with clients who struggle for answers and meditate for guidance and possibilities.  Scott listened to my suggestion and said that he would meditate.

“Please let me know what happens.” He assured me that he would and thanked me for the conversation which eased his irritation and anxiety. 

Today in my email inbox was an email from Scott.  He did meditate and a few hours later his phone rang.  It was a police officer calling him to inform him that his car had been found undamaged.  The only thing missing was a bag with a few tools in it.

Feel Good Story

I was thrilled for him.  Was it the meditation?  Would the car have been found anyway?  Was it a coincidence?  There are no answers.  This is a feel good story.  Hope that you have enjoyed reading this.


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