Would You Buy This?

I almost walked by this produce and didn’t purchase them for a very ignorant reason. They didn’t look very appealing. In fact it took the farmer, the vendor at the market, to explain to me that this imperfect looking produce was grown without any pesticides. Not many people will buy greens with holes in the leaves and bumps on squash. ” A few will” said the farmer and then shrugged her shoulders and told me that she didn’t mind.

I went over and took a peek.  Yeah, I had to agree with her.  The produce wasn’t pretty in fact I thought that they weren’t fit to eat.  That is evidence of what making assumptions can do- give wrong impressions and misinform.

I did the only thing that I could think of doing.  I bought her funny and unappealing looking produce because I wanted to support her for not using pesticides.   I put the produce in my bag and walked walked away with a new perspective.  I  got more than I paid for that day.


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