Does This Make Sense?

Perhaps , just perhaps intuition is like a computer hard drive that continually running in the background collecting information and disseminating it. It has files and memory and data that can be accessed, but most of us don’t take time to access it. Sometimes we don’t wait long enough to received the data. It is always there and unlike a hard drive it doesn’t go bad, not normally unless our memory fades and disappears. Even then there may be some access to our inner guidance.

For years I have noticed that some people have trouble both using and trusting their instincts because they do not have a logical explanation for “it.” Think about it. If you want proof, there isn’t always visible, tangible truth. You may be guided to make a call, send an email, visit a website, observe a person or situation for no apparent reason. All this is true. Consider this. You drive a car without understanding how all the components work. You use appliances without knowing each and everyone of them. A computer, a cell phone and an ipad are examples of THINGS that we TRUST without understanding all the components and complexities.

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