Heartfelt Loss Speaks To Depth Of Human-Animal Relationship

I recently came across an article that was written by a man, a Portland writer, activist, and musician.  The title of his article was “In The Trenches-Grief. It’s What’s For Dinner.” It was an all-consuming article.  By that I mean, it consumed me, captivated my emotions.  His beloved Pomeranian companion of ten years passed away unexpectedly.

It is bad enough that we lose people and animals that we love.  When we don’t have any warnings or expectations that they are about to leave us, it is a shock to the emotional and physical system.  Emotionally we cry, become depressed, mop around and physically it may feel like the heart literally aches.

This was a well-written article that caught my attention because the author captures and acknowledges like a camera taking a still life photograph of the experience that people have when losing a heartfelt relationship.  He found himself looking for his buddy in his silent house.  In the mornings he waited to hear the pitter-patter of the Pomeranian’s paws touching the hardwood floors.   On walks he noticed other dogs that looked like his beloved friend.  Sometimes they had the same “goofy sideways walk.”

“…fine line between letting oneself feel the pain of loss and becoming completely taken over by depression and despair.”

The author acknowledged that the little guy was a close and loving friend and loyal too.  Many people who live with animals acknowledge this.  What made this article special and is why I saved it is because of his hones and real talk about grief.  He calls it “tricky business.”   He explained to his readers that it is a “fine line between letting oneself feel the pain of loss and becoming completely taken over by depression and despair.”  With even more honesty, he shared with his readers that it had taken a lot of therapy, support and many hours crying to be able to FUNCTION again.  This is real honesty, because, in my experience, many people won’t admit even to themselves how badly and deeply it hurts to lose a loved one, human or pet.   This author surrendered his hear to his Pomeranian and wasn’t afraid to share his lost with his readers.  Thanks!


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