Helping Your Children Trust Their Gut-Make It Simple!

Make it simple.  Take the time and have a conversation with your child/children.  It is like teaching how to ride a bicycle.  You encourage.  You demonstrate. You are patient.  You talk about it how you listen to and follow your gut.  Give examples of how your intuition was right and how that made a difference in your life.  Ask your child/children how they know things about people and listen.  Ask if there were any clues that gave him/her/them ideas.  Ask how the clues arrive.  Is it an idea that pops up in the mind?  Is a physical feeling?  Is it something that is just known?

Perhaps you might provide a name of a relative or a friend.  Ask what ideas your child/children have of this person.  Give a situation, and ask how the person might respond.   Perhaps you may want to talk about a classmate in school, and ask what is known about the person and how your child/children arrived at that conclusion.  Discuss the ways that we interpret and make up stories about people.

Listen and have the discussion more than once. Watch and listen to your child’s’/children’s comments. Notice if there is more confidence in decision-making with time.

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