Holidays- What to Do About Your Pets?

So it is that time of year again, dizzy busy.  You might wish that it were over.  Perhaps you wished that it never would happen in the first place.  For those of you with pets, the holidays present a challenging situation.  SOMETIMES.  If you have cats, dogs,birds, things that swim and beings that don’t, they need to be considered, particularly if you have travel plans.


Very often people think about what is easy and convenient for them and not for their furry, reptilian and feathery friends.  In my experience, most of our “companions” who live with us want to stay in their home when we leave  home with someone whom them know.  That someone or some people SHOULD really LIKE them and be VERY interested in their WELL-BEING.   Second on their wish list is that someone is that you, the HUMANS, their caretakers and caregivers, tell them way in advance before you are ready to travel.  Let’s face it, most of our pets read us so much better than we understand them.  If you are thinking about leaving, there is a very good chance that they ALREADY know it!!  Third, and this is not true for all pets, some want to go with you.  If you travel with them, PLEASE make sure that the place that you are traveling (location and people) are prepared for them.  It is also HELPFUL and REALLY NICE if they also LIKE them too!

If you are having parties, family gatherings, etc., PLEASE be sensitive to your pets.  They may not appreciate guests and others approaching them.  They may NOT  want all HUMANS to pet them.  Some would prefer to be in a room away from the humans in their home who are visiting.

Above all, use your INTUITION.  You know your pets.  Respect them.  YOU all will enjoy the holidays more.




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