How Did I Know That He Would Pay For My Sushi?

It was almost 3 p.m.  I had just finished eating my last California sushi roll at a local restaurant.  The waitress had just given me my bill, and I had just enough time to pay and walk to the local library where I had a two-hour reservation for a private study room.   The room had a small wooden table, two chairs, and one wall outlet to plug in electronics.

The library had a generous room reservation policy allowing an extra ten minutes past the hour to show up before making the room available to other library patrons.   Almost always, I showed up at the library with a couple of minutes to spare before the deadline.

I walked toward the register, which was by the front door to pay my bill.  I overheard a waitress at the register tell a customer that his credit card could not be used to pay for his bill.  The customer told her to try it again.  My patience was growing thin, and I so wanted to tell him to hurry up, but I didn’t.  Calm down I told myself.  It wasn’t his problem that I had a self-imposed deadline.  I looked at the man and heard a voice in my head telling me that this man was going to pay for my sushi.  That made me silently laugh.  How absurd!  I had just selfishly wanted him to hurry his transaction.  Furthermore, he didn’t know me! Why would he pay a stranger’s bill??  

Just then, the waitress informed the customer that his card did indeed process his bill.  The customer walked in my direction and asked, “What is that white paper?” What was he asking me?  I was wondering what he was talking about when he suddenly reached for my sushi bill, and took it from me.  He handed it to the waitress!  He was paying my bill! 

I thanked him profusely and walked outside the restaurant.  Wow.  Did that really happen?  Yes it did!

I walked to the library where I arrived on time to sit in my reserved room and write for two hours.

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