I couldn’t stop talking about Kava

It was early morning last Wednesday.  The clock had not yet reached 8 a.m. but was fast approaching that hour.  I walked into the kitchen to start my morning ritual that started with drinking a cup of warm water with a splash of apple cider vinegar.  This was soon to be followed with a handful of almonds and sometimes a half a can of sardines or something else without sugar or with few carbohydrates.  All this was just to get my stomach prepared for what I really wanted-coffee. Once the coffee was in one of my favorite cups, then I can sit down and enjoy my beverage  while I soak my feet in warm water and white vinegar.  Sometimes I meditate while I am doing this soak, but not always.  There are too many other distracting things, like radio programs, emails and magazines and books.

prescription refills at the bottom of my list

I had a lot to do that day which is not surprising.  Most of us have a long to do list that cannot practically be completed in one day.  Prescription refills were at the bottom of the long list.  Oh, just get it over with I thought.  So I dialed the prescription center.  It would be a short call.

After pressing button after button, I was connected within a couple of minutes.  ” May I have your member number please” said the voice.  I gave it to her and as I did I could not help notice her upbeat voice.  “You are chipper” I said.  “I just got to work and you are my first call” I was told.  Then she wanted my mother’s birthday and some more information so that she could match my answers with her computer screen.  All that took another minute.

I gave her the number on the prescription bottle so that she could fill the order.  She didn’t seem to need to verify the order with mother.  “Well the medicine has no street value” I laughed.  “After all, it isn’t like I was asking for an ativan refill.”  I could almost hear her smile.  I proceeded to tell this stranger that I found it frightening that this drug worked so quickly.  Not only did she relax but she seemed knocked out/out of it.  She was only given a low dose.  The change in her was not subtle.  If something ingested could have that kind of effect and that quickly, what did it do to the brain.


I continued to tell her about the tea kava, a supplement that is made from a root found on South Pacific islands, that helps people relax and reduces anxieties, restlessness, etc.  I continued talking to this woman.  ” Kava doesn’t work as quickly as ativan but it works quickly.”   I was on a roll and went on to tell her about a kava bar (https://kavabar.bulakavahouse.com/) in Portland, Oregon where patrons can order a kava drink.  It is not the greatest tasting drink, but works like a charm.  It relaxes one, sort of like having a couple of beers or wine without the side effects of alcohol.

I stopped myself and wondered out loud “Why am I telling you all this?”   She answered.  “This was meant to be. I have depression and anxiety.”

No, I had no way of knowing.  Two days later I received a recorded call from Kaiser.  My mother’s refill would not be sent out.  It was too early to fill the order!!!  I guess that conversation really was meant to be!


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