I Owe It All To My Coffee Grinder!

I Owe It All To My Coffee Grinder!

Sounds preposterous doesn’t it? What could a coffee grinder teach me. it is true. Had it not been for the coffee grinder I might not have discovered a possible solution to my vegetarian burgers which tasted good but keep falling apart. I knew that there had to be a solution but I didn’t know what it was.

What I do know for sure is that there almost always is some answer, some solution. The question is whether or not I could discover it. I was tired the morning that I mistakenly began pouring black beans into the coffee grinder. Thankfully I looked into the coffee grinder and noticed that I had poured a few black beans into the grinder instead of coffee beans.

Sort of Looked Like Coffee

Well they sort of looked similar. It was an easy mistake to make except the black beans are a little darker and obviously don’t smell like coffee.

As I stared into the coffee grinder, I had an ephinany. That is it! That is the answer that I have been looking for my vegetarian hamburgers. I needed a flour that would dry out my vegetarian hamburgers. It needed to be mild tasting as to not overpower the rice and bean hamburger.

Such A Thing As Black Flour?

It was time to check online to see if there was indeed such a thing as black bean flour. I didn’t have to spend much time searching. There it was in plain sight. It was a bit costly but that was to be expected for an organic flour that began with beans that were soaked overnight, cleaned and then dried in an oven at 175 degrees before blending.

Can you tell the difference between the two beans?

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