Intuition and Creativity Feed People

Perhaps you have never thought about it or maybe you have never connected the two. The two are intuition and creativity. If you are one of these people, you would not be alone. Consider this notion. Sometimes people become very creative because they may lack resources to resolve a problem, create possibilities, or discover a solution.

The intuition kicks in and your mind goes through its files looking for people and situations and perhaps organizations that may help. You may start brainstorming with others. Minds engage. Ideas are born.

Dreams Become A Reality

This is a story that I heard on the radio about a man who wanted to help others but didn’t have the resources. So, he did what many would do talk with others who know others. Conversations led to other conversations and soon this man’s dreams became a reality.

intuition, 40% of Food  grown in the United States Is Thrown Away- Wasted!

The radio host of this program interviewed this man who greatly wanted to help people access food that they couldn’t afford. He knew that much of this nation’s food is thrown away. Some studies cite as much as 40% of food produced in this country is wasted. Much of it is food that Americans waste in their own home. However some of it is tossed because it is imperfect, like the carrot that looks like it has an appendage or an orange that has spots on it or a cucumber that looks a little bit peculiar.

I don’t know how many people have been feed because of this person’s actions or who continue to benefit from intuition and brainstorming and the action taken.


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