Slow Down!  You Move Too Fast!

Slow Down! You Move Too Fast!

The year was 1966 and the song 59th Street Bridge Song by Simon and Garfunkel was heard by the world. The lyrics weren’t al that complex. “Slow Down You Move Too Fast…” Maybe you know it. Maybe you remember. Maybe you have heard it.

Miss Out

The words are still true today. Most of us move way too fast. We miss out on much of life when literally move too fast. Some of what goes by us may be nuances, expressions on faces, and other “things” that might enrich our lives.

Years ago, many years ago, I was without a car for months. Aside from rides from others, my feet carried me places and the city buses were my only forms of transportation. I was forced to slow down. Suddenly my world changed in ways that I had not anticipated. I noticed children playing, people in parks and on sidewalks interacting with humans and animals. Murals on walls suddenly appeared. I heard conversations on trains and buses that made me think about things that I might not have thought about ever often or perhaps at all.

Huge Repercussions

Sometimes what we miss can have higher consequences than new thoughts, a smile or a color on a building. We may miss out on making quality decisions, some having huge repercussions, costly in many ways.

You are also missing out on more by moving too quickly. Your intuition may want t have a few words with you. You don’t want to miss that, right?


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