Intuition In Difficult Times

Intuition In Difficult Times

Decision making happens all the time.  We make choices all the time all day long.  Your choices may start with when to get out of bed, what pair of slippers you warm your feet up with and that is just the beginning.  

You can’t make decisions without the help of inner guidance, at least not easily because decisions involve the combination of  using instincts and the statistical information.

Decision-making is a data collection process that includes both facts and gut ideas and feelings.  You ask yourself what you know. What are the facts that you know? Ask yourself what you know but don’t know why.  You may have ideas and feelings but are not sure why.

You can improve your decision making skills by using your intuition  and  your logic, inner and outer intelligence.  You deserve to use all of your information to make the best possible choices.

During these trying times, intuition matters, as does logic.  Creating peaceful minutes and moments each day can provide clarity to make the best possible choices.  Take your time.  Give yourself a space to reflect and to choose.


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