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Intuition More Important Than Ever – Inner Design
Intuition More Important Than Ever

Intuition More Important Than Ever

I always thought that intuition was important.  How could I not?  Many of my decisions have been and are guided by my instincts by my own experiences.  It wasn’t just my experiences.  Enough people had shared their stories about how intuition works in their lives.  I am a believer.  

Now in a time of crisis and high stress, making good decisions is sometimes more difficult because people can’t see their way clearly to making good choices.  Taking time to think through options is critical.  It might mean the difference in making  choices that optimally serve one’s best interests and concerns.    Exploring outcomes are important.  Take time.  You deserve it.  Become the intuitive expert that you have within you to become.  It is a natural skill  that you have already developed.  it is there for you.  Will  you be there for it?

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