Intuition- YOU Really Don’t Want To Leave Home Without It!

Sometimes people try to convince themselves and me that they are not intuitive.  I am not sure who people are trying to persuade.  Why people feel the need to be defensive I am not sure.  Who is accusing  them of ignoring or not hearing and trusting their inner voice? I can’t even begin to count or remember the number of times that I have had people tell me “I wish I had listened” ,and “Yeah, I knew better.” We tell ourselves that we don’t have time, time to slow down and time to think.  Sound familiar.  When you are in rushing, do you really think that you are “thinking straight?”  Having difficulties knowing which way to drive, which street to cross? DSCN4074 Underlying this statement is the unstated “I know that I SHOULD be good at listening to my instincts, but I am not.”  I argue that most people are better at paying attention to that voice than they are aware of care to admit to.  After all, that part of each one of us has been with us a very long time.  In fact, it would not be so outrageous to say that intuition, gut feelings, gut instincts, common sense, personal thoughts, instincts,  ideas or whatever words that one might choose, is as natural as breathing air. It is one of our oldest relationships.  Yes, we connect with it everyday to make decisions.  It is highly that we make many of our decisions so quickly that we cannot even verbalize the nature of this process. DSCN3271 People make decisions, thousands on a daily basis, without much consideration.  Come on.  Do  you ask yourself “Where did that idea come from?”   Do you take a personal inventory and ask I”s this my intuition, logic or wishful thinking?”  This takes some kind of meditative thinking or at the very least requires a pause of some kind. It is worth the investigation.  Better decisions improve one’s life.  Try it and see for yourself. The following is a an interesting article about how we make decisions everyday.  This is a short weed, I mean read, and may provide you with food for thought (ideas not weed). The articles discuss the brain and where and…

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