Too Much To Sort Through- Natural Remedies

 Popularity with a big price tag and sometimes they have a small price tag.  They are good for the earth and for humans. Natural remedies (Chinese, home concoctions and more) are IN and look like they are here to stay for a very LONG time.

I was first introduced to this concept by my grandmother. She used more things out of her kitchen than I ever knew or will be told about.  There are those still living who remember what was in her cupboards and what she used them for.  My grandmother didn’t share all her secrets or recipes. I do know that when someone’s tooth was bothering them, the cloves came out of their small box.  One day she must have had a bad toothache.  Out came the box and a small clove disappeared into her mouth. My grandmother didn’t say much that day.  She took to her bedroom to like down.

I know and hear of many people who want to use something natural to clean spills, remove stains, to whiten clothes, to do this and more.  It is hard to sift through the so many suggestions and remedies.


So MANY Choices!!??

Here are a couple of suggestions for people who want their hair to grow.  Supposedly some options are as close as your very own kitchen.  Things to stimulate the growth of HAIR include: 

Apple cider vinegar Apply a cup of apple cider vinegar mixed with 1 ½ cups of water and rub into your scalp for a few minutes before rinsing and using shampoo.  It removes bacteria and dead skin cells that block the pores where hair grows.  

Olive oil – Apply olive oil to your hair and scalp and massage your head and scalp for a few minutes before going to sleep.  Cover your head with a shower cap.  When you wake up, remove the shower cap and rinse your hair to remove any smell and traces of olive oil.

There are somethings that you can find to help you and your hair that are not in the kitchen.  If you are a smoker, quit.  Eating a balanced diet is beneficial.  Reduce your stress.  Get enough sleep.  Hot water, curling irons, hair dryers excessive brushing, and combing your hair too hard  (who gets to decide what is too hard?).  If you doubt thee suggestions, ask your hairdresser.

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