Water, Anyone Want To Do A Trade?

I remember the first time that I heard about water being worth ANYTHING more than I could imagine.  It was such a new concept that it stopped my brain and caused me think.  The year was 2002.  The month was January to be exact.  The place was Eugene, Oregon.  I was having a conversation Nick, a very tall British man with a delicious accent.  His personal story about how he came to Oregon fascinated me. Nick literally walked away from a high-paying job in the financial industry to farm and to find himself.  He did both.  He wandered from place to place, helping people with cooking, shopping gardening, driving and you-name-it. He shared a story about driving with “older” women from the west coast to a state way down south.  He navigated the roads and engaged them with his accent and wit, and they paid for his expenses.  He was their driver,and they all had a great time. Having heard his beautiful accent and knowing his charm, a good time was guaranteed with no complaints.

Water Shortage A Reality

Nick and I talked about gardening and growing, a passion we both shared.  He had a lot more knowledge and was kind and patient enough to allow me ask question after question. “Water” he said would be the commodity of the future. In fact, it wasn’t Nick’s idea originally. He had heard and read about it. It was a horrible thought.  Yes, this liquid that always came out of the faucets might not always be a given, a certainty!

Years have come and gone since Nick  and I talked.  Now, it seems water shortage and global water crisis articles are all over the Internet if one bothers to do a search.  Actually, there is no need to go that far. There is no shortage on print media articles on the subject as there are television and radio stories.  Try Googling water shortage and see for yourself.

Collecting Rain Water

I ask myself what can I do in my household. Yes, the easiest thing is to use less and to not let water run in the sink.  Are sponge baths a reasonable way to save the valuable liquid?  What about taking bath water and feeding it to plants??There And buckets can be used to collect rain if there is rain to be collected!!?? Sounds like we will have to make it a priority along with other things in our lives that we deem IMPORTANT.  What steps are you willing to take before you hear, read, see or are told what to do??



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