Is It My Imagination?  How Many Times ……?

Is It My Imagination? How Many Times ……?

Yes for many of us that is the question. How many times do I need to hear my inner voice guiding me to make a good/great decision before I accept the advice?

Stop worrying about having no proof.

Stop believing that the you do not have a greater intelligence within you .

Stop focusing on how others may react.

I recently had a situation which became a battle between the seen and the unseen world, the information that appears logical and practical and the strong undercurrents of the inner voice.  It was a busy weekend with projects and goals. There wasn’t much time for visiting on the phone. 

“Call, call, call” beckoned the voice.  I knew exactly who I was suppose to take time out to call.  Earlier in the week I reached out to the person who lives in a state where covid numbers are increasing.    So, I called and was glad that I did.  Before I could ask “How are you?”  I was told  “I am not feeling well.  I have an upper respiratory infection.”  I was told that yes it might be covid and a recent test would verify that.

The conversation was short.  I wished the person well and was glad that I made that phone call in the middle of a busy day.


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