I Always Thought That Intuition Was Cool.  Didn’t You?

I Always Thought That Intuition Was Cool. Didn’t You?

Intuition, the inner voice, gut feeling, gut instincts, knowledge, wisdom, divine, and perhaps there are other words to describe the brilliance of this invisible source of guidance.  We all have it no matter what one chooses to call it.   Many validate its importance and marvel at its impact  both personally, professionally and even spiritually.  Not as many people attach a monetary value to intuition. 

Perhaps one can question and dispute how one can monetize information.  If you avoided costly expenses and/or costly monetary mistakes, you know.  It can be both expensive and painful and not necessarily in that order!  Over the last decades many people have told me  said to me over the years  something like ” If only I had…, I would not have …”  “My mistakes cost me a lot of time and money.”  ” I knew that that I shouldn’t have spent the money/ given money to BUT…”

Saving money and time is cool, and living a richer life because of inner guidance is beyond priceless and is breathtaking.

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