It Might Not Be Mine To Keep!

It Might Not Be Mine To Keep!

It had been sitting on a garage shelf and had not seen the light of day for perhaps decades. In fact it had been forgotten until I mentioned using one of its relatives to do some food experimenting.

I am talking about a food dehydrator, one from the 1970’s or 1980’s. Even the owner can’t remember how long she had it or the last time she used it. She did remember some of the fruits that she dried and how delicious they tasted. As she talked I wondered why she stopped drying foods if she so enjoyed the products. She couldn’t answer and just shrugged her shoulder as if they knew the answer.

It was loaned-given to me. She will probably never use it again. She has found packaged dried fruit in stores that she can purchase which are convenient but not as tasty.

She doesn’t care if she gets it back. She has too many other situations and people that concern her. She is 90 years old and she has her physical limitations, including standing long period of time and slicing fruits and vegetables. She would rather read her mystery novels than sit and chop and slice foods to place on trays to remove the water in them.

I too enjoy reading like the 90 year old woman up the street who allowed me to use her old dehydrator. I wonder if when I am her age if I too will prefer reading over dehydrating.

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