Sharing In A Time of Turmoil

Sharing In A Time of Turmoil

I couldn’t believe how she knew but she did. It was the neighbor across the street. Every time I was having a bad or challenging day she called to tell me that she had some beans and rice or some enchiladas for me. All I had to was go outside the door and walk across the street. Nothing more was required.

She never asked me. She just left the food by the door or had one of her tall family members extend a long arm and a dish with a lid or a plate with foil over it. I could smell the food and could almost taste it. And for a few minutes, I forgot about my challenges.

You might think or say that this was a bit bizarre. You might say that the neighbor had extra food. Maybe, maybe, but she did have a way of knowing and I am not even sure that she was even aware of how much she helped me.

The one thing I do know is the neighbor is an inspiration. She doesn’t have a lot and yet she is always sharing. She once had a lot many decades ago and it was taken away in a brutal way. Perhaps that is why she so values life and health. She has experience both worlds and she would be the first to tell you that she values people over material things.

Can’t wait for the next phone call. If she is consistent, I won’t have long to wait. In these difficult times, stress is high. If the call never comes again, I will remember her kindness when I needed homemade cooked food that was prepared with love and good intentions.

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