It Often Happens Around Food!

What am I talking about?  Sounds reasonable.  Not enough clues are provided here to give you an indication.  So, here is the story which is really nothing new, because it happens over and over.  Basically, I save money on organic products, particularly chicken, and on other items that I purchase because something tells me to go to the store right now.  So, I do.  It is a bit of a game that feels like trick or treating every time it happens.  The calling is an adventure, a sort of test, to see if the inner guidance system is correct.

Here is how it works.  A thought comes into my mind that sounds like a cross between a suggestion and a command.  For example, I need to go to the store there is ______ on sale or the ______ store just stocked some boxes of rice noodles.  Four out of five times this command/suggestion proves to be accurate.    Perhaps I should up the stakes and ask my intuition to speak to me about something other than food!

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