Lessons From Hospital Ice Cream

I am not going to include a picture in this blog for several reasons,  One is that I have no picture of melted ice cream.  The other reason is that melted ice cream looks a lot like soup.

The truth is the picture is not the issue or the story.  No, the story began years ago in a hospital while I was waiting for my mother to be discharged  after having her pacemaker battery replaced.  The discharge took a couple of hours for the doctor to come by and see her, read her medical chart and give his  permission for her to  leave the hospital and go home.

After All It Was Free!

While I relaxed into the chair I noticed that my mother’s hospital food tray that was within a few fee of my reach. I asked my mother if she was hungry. She shook her head no and turned her nose up to confirm her shaking head.  So I decided to help myself and  reach for the ice cream. After all it was free which was my denial about my sugar addiction.  If I didn’t pay for than I could indulge.  This time it would be different.   I lifted the lid anticipating some delicious ice cream and discovered that ice cream had melted.  I found myself staring at some vanilla looking soup.  Yuk.  That was not my idea of ice cream and I completely lost my interest

Months later when I began creating my sugar-free desserts I remembered this hospital ice cream.  It was a soup like concoction that once frozen made the ice cream that most people expect and enjoy.   After all, frozen ice cream didn’t start frozen.  So, I spent months blending up concoctions in my Vitamix and have created  at least half a dozen flavors thanks to the few hours spent at the hospital waiting for the doctor.  It was one of the few times that I am grateful for the time.

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