The Gift In Listening

The Gift In Listening

It happened again.  The details change.  The story changes.  It is like a play that begins with a thought that comes into my mind when I am cooking , washing dishes, or perhaps wondering what to create next in the kitchen.  It never shows up when I find myself staring at the spices and wondering which one or how much to use.  It never surfaces when my mind thinks it knows the power of the ingredient in the bottle.

“It” is a sentence tht tells me to do something, usually a beckon to call someone.  Sometimes I ignore it until I hear it again.  Funny thing is that the suggestion continues until I take action.  On a Friday, not too long ago, something told me to call Ben (not his real name).  My ego had some resistance.   Why should I call him?  He never calls me.  I have left him messages telling him that I don’t do one way relationships.   He has promised to call  with his messages to me on Facebook. 

Something felt a little different this time.  I called and left a message.  “Hi I have been thinking about you.  Hope that you are well.  No, I am not mad at you.  I have given up that you will follow through and call me and I would love to hear from you. ”  I hung up and two minutes later Ben called.  He had not yet listened to my message but saw that I had called.

We had a wonderful conversation for about 30 minutes.  It was honest and heartfelt.  I was glad that I was in the kitchen that Friday morning to get the message.

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