Magic Has Its Timing!!

It almost didn’t happen and it wasn’t suppose it happen at all.  The records were being sent to the doctor and it would take fifteen days.  What happened to faxes?  I asked and was told that  “We don’t fax .  We mail the records.”  How could this be?  A whole two weeks were needed to send something out?  There was no point in asking more questions.  Facts were facts.  I walked out of the office and heard my name being called.  Now what I thought and walked back over to the department that was paging me.

“I have no idea why you were paged.  You are free to go.”  Great now I am going to have to go back to the records department and stand in line.  Sure enough there was a line.  Well there were worse things.  So, it would take a few minutes more.  While I was standing outside the door a man on crutches was waiting.  I held the door for him and told him to go ahead of me.  He took a few minutes and as he walked out an employee walked in.  I told her that I need the name of a company and she went though my information.  ” I don’t see it here but here is your file.”  We don’t need to mail it to you.”  What a gift. She knew what she had done.  She could see the gratitude and relief on my face.


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