Misery Loves Chocolate. It Happened At A Sees Candy Store.

It happened over a year ago, shortly before the November 2016 elections.  I had just finished listening to a radio interview.  I can’t remember the name of the show,  the host or the guest.  The guest was a man, and his expertise had something to do with the elections machines.  The host asked how easy  would it be to steal an election.  The guest answered that it would be difficult.  I  suddenly felt sick to my stomach.  I knew that  this wasn’t true and had an uneasy feeling  and a very unsettling thought that it might happen.

I didn’t think about it until the middle of  October when I walked into a Sees Candy store to purchase a few boxes of the chocolates  to give as gifts.   It wouldn’t take long.  I knew exactly what I wanted, two one pound boxes of the assorted chocolates and one half pound box of the same.  With that in mind,  I walked into the store and closed the door behind me.  A woman behind the counter asked ” Would you like to have a sample?”  I had prepared myself for that question.  This seems to be a ritual with the store.  Free candy to all who walk into their store.   I was supposed to say “No thanks.”  That is what a conscious sugar addicts says because one leads to two which leads to many more.

What Difference Does It Make?

That particular day I said “Sure.” As I bit into the candy, I heard myself say “What difference does it make?  The politics are so disheartening and dishonest”.  Then I remembered  my fears about the election being stolen.  I ate the whole piece.  Did it make me feel better? No.

I reminded myself that it was only once piece.  One piece did not lead to more.  I made sure of that it wouldn’t snowball by immediately drinking water and eating protein.  The  candy boxes wouldn’t be opened.  They were sealed and my sense of pride would not permit me to open a box and help myself.

Pass Out The Sees Candy 

It was good information for me to know that I could and did use an excuse to have chocolate when I had not intended to  eat it.  My excuse was very creative.  “Have the chocolate because the country is in big trouble.”  Why not “Make a green drink because it will make you feel better.” Sugar is quicker.  No vegetables to  chop  or to clean .  I hope that if it ever happens again that I am in the Sees store my brain will remember the sugarless deserts I make and simply say “No thanks.” Really if I thought that eating chocolate might make this country a better place to live, I might buy a box and give to anyone and everyone .

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