On A Cold Winter Day The Mechanic Listened To His Car

It happened a long time ago.  A long time ago means sometime during the 1980’s in Madison, Wisconsin.  It is a true story and was told by the wife of the mechanic on a cold winter evening while I was attending the seminar.  I can’t recall the house or the subject of the seminar.  We, and there were at least 6-8 people, sat on the carpeted floor.

It was a simple story, or so it seemed.  It was a cold winter morning and she needed to drive somewhere.  She gets into the car and it won’t start.  After a few tries, she gives up and goes into the house to get her husband.  He calmly puts on his winter jacket, hat and a pair of gloves.  He goes outside and looks at the car before placing his hands on the hood and after a minute or two lifts open the hood of the car and makes an adjustment .  The car starts.

Lots of Questions and No Answers!

How did that happened?  Aren’t you curious?  Did he talk to the car?  Did he have a magic touch?  Of course there were no answers.

About a year later, I was on the west coast trying to get my datsun to start.  I had been having problems with it working and then not working.  So, I walked across the street to talk with the neighbor who was a car wizard. He told me to drive the car over his house. He lifted up the hood and looked and looked and he tried a few things.  He didn’t say much and neither did I.  Suddenly i heard this voice “It is the carburetor.”  I didn’t know what that meant.  Yes, cars had carburetors but what was their function?  About thirty minutes later, the car wizard said “It is the carburetor.”  I thanked him.  Hmm.  That was twice within a year.  Yes, I am a believer and while I can’t fix cars, I always tell my cars to please let me know when it needs a repair.  My cars have never let me down.



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