Intuition About Changing Heater Filter?

Did the heater send out a vibe to someone in the house saying ” I need a new filter.  Please change the old one.  What made her say “Please change the filter?”  She hadn’t been downstairs to check the filter.  Was it a guess.  Was it “It is getting colder and we are going to need  more heat.”

What ever IT is, it reminds me of “Hmm I will check the car’s oil.”  Sure enough the car needs one half a quart of oil!  One might say, maybe you know that every month the oil needs to be checked.  Perhaps you might imagine that the car is leaking oil and it needs checking more often.  Maybe the car owner is “tuned in” and “connected” with the car.  Lots og guess and supposing and explaining.

I first started noticing that I seemed to know  something out of the ordinary when I had my office in downtown Portland.  A neighbor’s  was away from her office, and she wanted me to check on her mail and water her office plants.  I could be sitting at my desk and heard a voice tell me that the plants needed watering.  Sure enough, when I walked down the hall and opened the door, the plants did need water.  It happened over and over.  It did seem a bit strange at first and then I would joke “The plants are talking again.”  They were.

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