Not the Brightest Idea!!!

I knew it would be a bad combination.  I can’t even say that I was in a hurry because I wasn’t. Most of my cooking mistakes are made when I am rushing and not staying focused or listening to my inner cook.  It was almost as though I wanted to make a bad tasting chocolate.

For several years, I have been making my own dark chocolate using five to seven ingredients.  I describe it as being a kitchen chemist. During this chocolate making voyage, I have discovered that even mediocre chocolate is far superior to most commercial products.  It is almost impossible to fail.  Even the worst of the worst can be recycled by adding it to cookies or homemade ice cream.

I have discovered that specific flavor like orange and cinnamon and espresso go well together.   Lavender gives chocolate an exotic taste. Less successful has been my attempts to make vanilla chocolate.  Can’t seem to taste the vanilla extract.

So why did I mix lavender with cinnamon, cardamom and cloves and a little espresso?   Was I stretching my cooking skills/disabilities??!! Did I really think that something new, unique would be born? Well, the result was strange tasting, edible but not delicious.  The upside of making mediocre chocolate is that eating a small piece is all one needs and WANTS!!!

Will I do it again?  No, I won’t.  I just read about rosemary chocolate.  Hmm.  Not so Fast.  Better do some more research.


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