Not Uncommon For Voters To Do A Gut Check!

I have been talking  by telephone with voters for the last few months.   I ask them which issues are important to them.  I have a list, just in case they don’t have an answer. “Is it healthcare, gun violence; government accountability; immigration rights; women’s rights; tax reform; and education.  Most people say healthcare.  The costs of prescription drugs scares many people and I have heard stories from people who choose between purchasing medication or food.  One woman shared with me that her daughter died because she couldn’t afford the medicine that she needed.

Once in a while I hear gun violence, I hope that no one whom I spoke with has lost a love one because of a senseless shooting.  I have heard a few parents tell me that they are afraid to send their children to school .  Some parents have shared that their children are afraid to attend school.  That is upsetting to hear and perhaps not at all surprising.  My guess is that few people, unless they are or have been directly impacted by violence, give this much thought.

Aside from their concerns, what has made an impression on me is how many people are waiting for their gut to tell them who they will for this November.  No, they don’t exactly say it that way.  I have not heard “I am waiting for my  inner guidance to guide me in making my decision.”  It is more likely that someone will say ” I will make my decision the day I vote or “I haven’t quite made up my mind.”   When I ask “Are you waiting until something tells you that one candidate will best represent you in Congress?” the answers is often “Yes.”   Unbeknownst to some voters, they are waiting for a moment when their gut loudly gives a yay or a nay.”




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