Photographer Visualizes and Dog Poses!

Photographer Visualizes and Dog Poses!

Aside from reading great stories, the best ones are not the ones that I search for or invent, but the ones that people share with me. They are truly gifts.  The following story is no different.  It was told by a pet photographer when I needed one more blog story.  She (will call her Lisa)is in my address list of contacts.   We have not spoken or seen each other in more years than I have fingers to count.

Lisa is one of hundreds of people I have telephoned to say hello and wish well and like most people, did not answer the phone so I left her message.  Lisa is one of the three or four percent who call back.  Two days after I called her and was making a list of twenty more people to call, my cell phone rang. It was Lisa.  I was happy to take the call. She thanked me for the well wishes, and we talked about how seldom people call each other. Mostly, Lisa spoke of her struggles and challenges working during the pandemic.  Since Lisa’s business is dependent upon having the animals in her presence to take the photos, the pandemic made that all but impossible for a long time.  Although she did find some creative ways to take some photos, her business was greatly reduced forcing her to cut expenses.

Before I could ask Lisa about how intuition played into her decisions to both photograph and reduce her expenses, she volunteered a story about a dog that she was photographing.  “I visualized what the photo would look like.  Before I had a chance to direct the dog into the position that I wanted him to be in, he did exactly what I wanted.  Did he read my mind?  How did he know?  Did he know?

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