Intuition And Passion-Please Take Charge!

Intuition And Passion-Please Take Charge!

Did you know that Intuition and passion are a natural pair that work well together? You have experienced the two as an artist, a writer, a cook, a builder, a designer, an inventor, a gardener, and/or a creator of sorts. As you stare at a piece of wood, suddenly an idea is discovered.  You may be a cook who is fixated on the spice rack, waiting for something to guide your hand to take one more spice. Are you the artist holding two shades of blue pens in your hand, knowing that one is a better choice than the other?  Are you the engineer who feels almost giddy after solving a challenge without any assistance?

Do you dialogue with your inner guidance while doing something that you love to do?  Connecting your passion and intuition happens in a variety of ways, including pondering or paying attention to what works, possibilities, previous results.


 Focused attention, including wondering silently (or aloud) on a project, a word, an idea can yield possibilities, options and even results.   Consider brainstorming with another person/people (in-person, by email, by texting or by telephone). You might just be surprised at how quickly options and solutions surface when two more bring experiences, ideas, curiosity, creativity and more to the conversation.   (To prevent “what was that message?,” write it/them on paper or in an electronic device.)

No Shortage of Good Ideas

There is no shortage of good ideas.  Whomever is dolling them out, seems to have an endless supply. Intuition, please take charge.  I am listening and so are my passions.

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